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"Online Registration (Web Solution)"

  • Online Registration Data Entry Form Link
  • Customized Page with Event Logo and Custom Form
  • Form to capture Name, Email,Mobile, Company Name, 2 More user defined data
  • Delegate Ticket Email with QR Ticket
  • Customized Email - Content, Subject, Sender Id, Ticket Design
  • Multiple Ticket Type - with Ticket Payment Option ( Weekly Settlement )

"Data Load | QR Entry Pass | Email & SMS | Reminder Email"

  • External Data Load with Basic data quality check like Valid Email and Mobile
  • Entry Pass Ticket with QR Code for each participant
  • Customized Email Content, Subject, Sender Id, Ticket Design
  • Personalized Ticket Confirmation to each participant
  • One Reminder email before event to all participant

"OnSpot Registration Services"

  • On Spot Infra Setup for Badge Printing ( Kiosk,Printers,Internet )
  • On Spot New Registration and Badge Printing
  • Self Registration Link ( QR & Web Link )
  • Live FootFall Reporting
  • Reminder Email for registered users who have not attended on day1 /day2
  • Daily Attendance Report with Attendees Name, Company Name etc
  • Trained Registration Staff ( Only Bangalore and Chennai )
  • Attendance Recording at Venue for Online Ceritifcate Distrubution
  • Email Certificate to Participant based on attendance recording
  • Minor Design Change for Certificate

Other Services

  • lanyards with Digital Printing
  • Paper Badge / Pvc Badge
  • Plastic Pouch

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